12 April 2005
The Film: The Interpreter
Directed by Sydney Pollack, 'The Interpreter' is a story of political intrigue set at the UN. It stars Sean Penn as an FBI agent who both investigates and protects Nicole Kidman - an interpreter who overhears talk of a plot to assassinate an African leader. Why she might need protection seems obvious enough, but the reason Penn can't trust her is that Kidman herself is an African from the very country at the centre of the plot. 'The Interpreter' opens in cinemas nationwide on Friday.

The Book: A Long Long Way
'A Long Long Way' is the new novel from Dublin writer Sebastian Barry. It tells the story of Willie Dunne who joins the Royal Dublin Fusiliers to fight in the First World War. It's a traumatic time in Ireland and as if the Great War wasn't posing enough questions, along comes the Rising of 1916 with a few more. All these events have a powerful effect on Willie's life - especially on his relationship with his father - a loyalist and a policeman. 'A Long Long Way' is published in paperback by Faber and Faber at £12.99 sterling, and is available in all good bookshops.

The Show: The Sugar Wife
'The Sugar Wife' is a new play by Elizabeth Kuti and is the latest production from Rough Magic Studio. Set in Dublin in the late 1840s, it's the story of Hannah Tewkley, a strict Quaker, torn between her work with the city's poor and her husband's prospering business. The Tewkleys have two houseguests, an English philanthropist (of sorts) and an African American former slave now on a lecture tour. And it doesn't take long before all sorts of surfaces get scratched. 'The Sugar Wife' runs at the Project Theatre until 23 April.

The Film: The Chorus
'The Chorus' directed by Christophe Barratier, will inevitably be compared with 'Dead Poets Society'. This time, it's in French, instead of poetry it's music and instead of Robin Williams we have Gérard Jugnot as Mathieu, a recently appointed supervisor at a boarding school for troubled children. But guess what - he loves music - and through the power of music. you get the picture. 'The Chorus' opens in selected cinemas on Friday.

Picks of the Week
The View's reviewers talk about their up-coming cultural higlights, which include the Cúirt International Festival of Literature in Galway, the Belfast Film Festival, 'The Stretford Enders' by Trevor Colgan and Bruce Springsteen's new album.

The Performance: Bell X1
Bell X1, who have been recording their third album 'Flock' are kicking off an Irish tour this Thursday in the Forum, Waterford. They then move on to Portlaoise, Limerick, Ennis, Dublin, Cork, Galway, Derry and they finish up in Belfast. Here with their first ever performance of 'Still Selling Shoes', it's Bell X1.

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