15 March 2005
The Film: Hotel Rwanda
Directed by Terry George, 'Hotel Rwanda' stars Don Cheadle as a hotel manager who finds he has to act way beyond the call of duty when he tries to protect his family and his neighbours from his other neighbours - armed with machetes and with genocide on their minds. It's a true story, which takes us back to Rwanda just 10 years ago - and a period where 1m people were murdered in three months. George Seremba, Peter Sheridan and Anne Enright discuss 'Hotel Rwanda'

The Book: Never Let Me Go
'Never Let Me Go' is the new novel from Booker Prize-winning author Kazuo Ishiguro. It tells the story of Kathy, Ruth and Tommy - all of whom attended the same private school in the English countryside. By the time Kathy gets to 31, however, she starts to remember - and soon they discover that their apparently idyllic childhood was not all it seemed.

The Play: Enlightenment
With everyone contemplating his successor at the Abbey Theatre, Artistic Director Ben Barnes is still very busy - directing the world premiere of Shelagh Stephenson's 'Enlightenment' at the Peacock Theatre. It's the story two parents doing all they can to find their disappeared son Adam.

The Show: Spatial Notions
'Spatial Notions' is the latest exhibition by the artist Dermot Seymour. He's still painting animals - not just livestock however, there's a monkey here too. Nor has he left behind his Northern interests and the show incorporates three portraits of well-known political figures.

The Performance: Donal Lunny, Róisín Elsafty and Máirtín O Connor
The ESB Ceol Festival runs at the National Concert Hall in Dublin from 15 to 19 March. Among those performing are Donal Lunny, Róisín Elsafty and Máirtín O Connor on St Patrick's Night and they're with us tonight.

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