08 March 2005
The Book: Grace and Truth
'Grace and Truth' is the new novel from Jennifer Johnston. It's the story of an actress called Sally, whose husband suddenly announces he is leaving her - and she just as suddenly kicks him out of the house. As she looks at her own life in this new situation, she begins to visit her rather mysterious grandfather - a Church of Ireland bishop. She's looking for the answers to many questions, most importantly who her father was and why her mother consistently refused to divulge that information.

The Film: Somersault
'Somersault' is the first feature film from Australian director Cate Shortland. It has just won 13 Film Institute Awards in her native country and seems destined for yet more praise wherever it goes. 'Somersault' is about growing up, sex, fear and loneliness - what else is there? And it stars Abbie Cornish as Heidi and Sam Worthington as her boyfriend, Joe.

The Show: The Drowned World
Skin tone products, anti-ageing creams, moisturisers, Botox - all part of a multi-million Euro industry based on our refusal of the inevitable. All this and more are touched upon in Gary Owen's new play at the Project. Called 'The Drowned World' it stars Marian Araujo, Matt Torney, Ruth McGill and Paul Reid.

The Exhibitions: Dirty Pretty Things and Women in Rock
Now to two very different exhibitions from two female artists. 'Dirty Pretty Things' at the Rubicon Gallery - a collection of work by Felicity Clear - involves images, text and drawing, painting and print. To celebrate International Women's Day, a collection of images of women in rock, is on show at the Rockarchive Gallery in Temple Bar. The exhibition is in association with Amnesty International.

The Performance: Kathleen Edwards
Canadian-born Kathleen Edwards has appeared on everyone from Letterman to Leno and has opened for The Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Bob Dylan - but obviously not all on the same night. Tonight she performs for us the title track of her new album, 'Back to Me'.

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