15 February 2005
The Film: Melinda and Melinda
The Dublin International Film Festival is running all this week. Over 100 movies, including Pearse Elliott's 'The Mighty Celt', Danny Boyle's 'Millions' and Wes Anderson's 'The Life Aquatic', are on the festival programme. The Valentine's Day Gala special film last night was the new Woody Allen film 'Melinda and Melinda'. It follows two writers looking at a woman's life - one seeing the tragedy, the other seeing the comedy. It stars Will Ferrell and Neil Pepe as the two writers and Radha Mitchell as Melinda - the woman whose story they both want to tell.

The Film: Nine Songs
It has been described as "the most sexually explicit film ever in British cinema". It's Michael Winterbottom's 'Nine Songs' which stars Kieran O'Brien as Matt and Margot Stilley as Lisa - a couple who go to lots of gigs and have lots of sex. On the face of it that's about it, but coming as it does from the man who directed movies like 'Wonderland' and 'Code 46', we must perhaps assume that this might be more than it seems at first glance.

The Exhibition: Jasper Johns at IMMA
American artist Jasper Johns first came to prominence over 50 years ago with his images of flags and targets. A new exhibition of his work at IMMA explores his more recent work, since 1983, and includes imagery which is personal, and sometimes surreal. The exhibition also features his work in various techniques, using everything from plastic to ink to sand. 'Past Things and Present: Jasper Johns since 1983' at IMMA continues until 24 April.

The Book: Runaway
Canadian writer Alice Munro is recognised as one of the greatest living authors. Her newest book, 'Runaway', is a collection of short stories centring on three connected stories about different phases of the life of Juliet.

The Performance: The Graham Ashton Brass Ensemble
The Graham Ashton Brass Ensemble are internationally known for their innovative style and arrangements. They have played with everyone from the London Philharmonic to Celine Dion. They are on tour around the country with Music Network this week and next, starting tomorrow night in Roscrea Castle and on Thursday at Dublin Castle. Here they perform 'Iron Tetrapod'.

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