01 February 2005
The Film: Ray
Ray Charles, who died last year, was known simply as 'The Genius'. Singer, musician, composer, arranger and above all innovator, he basically invented what we now call soul music - but was equally at home with jazz, blues, country and just about anything in the great American songbook. As a performer, he was a force of nature and the obvious difficulty for director Taylor Hackford, who wanted to make a movie about his hero, was who could possibly play Ray. But then Jamie Foxx showed up.

The Show: The Nutcracker
'The Nutcracker' is probably the world's most popular ballet, associated as it is with children, Christmas and that old ad for Cadbury's Fruit and Nut. A new version of 'The Nutcracker' is being staged by CoisCéim Dance Theatre who have transferred the action into an office - complete with filing cabinets, photocopiers and swivel chairs. The Tchaikovsky score remains, in a production directed by David Bolger and starring Tom Hickey and Lise McLoughlin.

The Exhibition: The Seven Sacraments
'The Seven Sacraments' is the title of an eight-year long project by artist Abigail O'Brien and explores the rituals of women's lives and connects them to art history and religious rites. The bulk of it is at the Royal Hibernian Academy in Ely Place with some more work on show at the nearby Rubicon Gallery.

The Book: Saturday
Writer Ian McEwan last featured on 'The View' when we recently reviewed the movie version of his novel 'Enduring Love'. He's best known for books like 'Atonement' and 'Amsterdam', which won the Booker Prize in 1998. His latest novel 'Saturday' is set on a single day, and tells the story of Henry, a prosperous neurosurgeon and what happens as he goes about his business - at home and at work - and more crucially on his way to play squash. And the day on which it all happens is the very the day that London sees its largest mass protest against the upcoming invasion of Iraq.

The Performance: Nick Kelly
Nick Kelly, formerly of The Fat Lady Sings, has just released his latest solo album 'Running Dog'. He will be touring the country from 10 to 18 February, starting in Clonakilty and ending up in Dublin. Tonight he performs 'Not Enough Love'.

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