25 January 2005
The Film: Closer
Mike Nichol's latest movie 'Closer' aims to take us right into the eye of the storm called love - all that getting together, drifting apart, splitting up - all the infidelity, jealousy and outright war. So plenty of beef there for any movie and this one stars Julia Roberts, Jude Law and Golden Globers Natalie Portman and Clive Owen. 'Closer' is open at cinemas nationwide.

Colm O'Briain, Alanna Gallagher and Belinda McKeon discuss 'Closer'

The Play: King Lear
'King Lear' is Shakespeare's great tragedy of old age, political power and, of course having to deal with a bunch of grown up daughters. It's a play of both the political and the personal as old Lear loses his grip on his kingdom and his family. This production locates itself in pre-revolutionary Russia and is directed by Alan Stanford, who also plays the lead role. 'King Lear' runs at the SFX Theatre until 11 February.

The Panel discusses 'King Lear' at the SFX Theatre

The Exhibition: Communism
'Communism' is a new exhibition at the Project. It might be worth saying, for the benefit of our younger viewers, that communism was also an ideology to which millions of people subscribed or were obliged to subscribe. The exhibition tries to look at these issues and more and includes work by ten international artists.

The Panel discusses 'Communism' at the Project

The Book: Viking: Odinn's Child
Tim Severin is best known for historical travel writing - books like 'The Brendan Voyage'. But now he has published his first novel. Entitled 'Viking: Odinn's Child', it's based on the Viking sagas and tells the story of Thorgils Leiffson and his many adventures in a cold world of battle, shipwreck and disease.

The Panel discusses Tim Severin's 'Viking: Odin's Child'

The Performance: Mundy
Vicar St. is the venue next Tuesday and Wednesday for two fundraising concerts for the Red Cross Tsunami appeal. The concerts will be featuring performers, like Bellx1, Mark Geary, David Kitt, Jason Byrne, Turn and Dermot Carmody. Also on the bill is Mundy. Here with 'Raining Down Arrows', it's Mundy.

Watch the performance

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