11 January 2005
The Film: Alexander
Alexander The Great, the Macedonian warrior who conquered 90% of the known world by the age of 25, has been crying out for a film to be made about him for 2500 years. Martin Scorsese, Mel Gibson and Baz Luhrmann were all in the race but it was Oliver Stone, director of 'Born on the Fourth of July', who won. Stone found it easy to cast Colin Farrell as the great warrior king, and Angelina Jolie as his mother, with a host of Irish actors also featuring in the cast.

Gina Moxley, Gerry Stembridge and Anne Daly discuss new film release 'Alexander'

The Exhibition: IWITNESS
IWITNESS is an important exhibition by the world famous photojournalist, Tom Stoddart, now running at the Gallery of Photography. It includes over 70 black and white images of some of the most intense humanitarian disasters of the last 15 years, including the famine in Sudan, the siege of Sarajevo, the plight of Rwandan refugees, the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and the devastating earthquake in north west India in 2001. It also includes images from New York after 9/11, and from the Iraq conflict.

The Panel discusses Tom Stoddart's 'IWITNESS' exhibition

Culture: Choice Arts Events of 2005
Last weekend the independent republic of Cork was "awakened" as European capital of culture for 2005, and not surprisingly, it features largely on our panel's choices of arts events they are looking forward to in 2005.

The Panel discusses the upcoming arts events of 2005, including Cork's European Capital of Culture celebrations

The Book: The Broken Cedar
The Broken Cedar, Martin Malone's novel about an Irish man going back to the Lebanon to find the remains of his father, has been nominated for the IMPAC literary prize for 2005. The story centres on Khalil, a quiet Lebanese shopkeeper who has a terrible secret. Many years ago as a young man he was party to the lynching of two UN Peacekeepers, one Irish and one American. The events of that night long ago still haunt him.

The Panel discusses Martin Malone's novel 'The Broken Cedar'

The Performance: Grace Weir's Dust Defying Gravity
Tír na nÓg is an exhibition at IMMA of younger Irish artists which includes Gerard Byrne, Phil Collins, Martin and Hobbs and Stephen Brandes. The exhibition includes painting, installation, photography and new media and it runs until 28 March 2005. Grace Weir's piece is called Dust Defying Gravity.

Watch a clip from Grace Weir's installation 'Dust Defying Gravity', which is currently on show at IMMA

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