14 December 2004
The Film: The Phantom of the Opera
Andrew Lloyd Webber's new movie production of his own 'Phantom of the Opera' has just opened nationwide, and a very lavish production it is. Directed by Joel Schumacher, it stars Gerard Butler in the title role and Emmy Rossum as Christine. So be afraid - be very afraid. 'Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera' opened last weekend and is showing at cinemas nationwide.

Joe Duffy, Róisín Boyd and Brian D'Arcy discuss 'Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera'

The Book: Something Beginning with P
Books are always a handy present at Christmas and one book which might well make your list for any children in your life is 'Something Beginning with P', an illustrated anthology for the younger reader edited by Seamus Cashman. Our panellists also talk about books they would like to give and receive.

The Panel discusses 'Something Beginning with P' and offers some book recommendations

The Exhibition: Edward Delaney
The sculptor Edward Delaney is particularly well known for impressive public monuments like The Wolfe Tone Memorial at St Stephen's Green and the Thomas Davis Memorial on College Green. Back in the 1960s these figures represented a real departure and an exhibition of Delaney's bronzes from that period has just opened at the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin. The Edward Delaney exhibition continues at the RHA in Ely Place until 9 January.

The Panel discusses the Edward Delaney exhibition at the RHA

The Magazine: The Village
The Village magazine has been hitting the stands weekly since 2 October. Edited by Vincent Browne, as was its predecessor Magill, it seeks to expose our own political, professional and corporate malpractice - while, at same time, keeping a sharp eye on all things international. Also between the covers you'll find coverage of the arts, media and sport. It is selling on average 17,000 copies every Saturday, and has set itself an ambitious set of targets.

The Panel discusses The Village magazine

The Performance: Juno Falls
Juno Falls are a Dublin trio recently signed to a major publishing deal by Sony. Their current album, 'Starlight Drive', has won them many fans but, seeing as its nearly Christmas, tonight they're going to depart from their usual repertoire.

Watch the performance

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