07 December 2004
The Book: Bob Dylan's Lyrics 1962-2001
Any book of song lyrics always raises questions about how well lyrics can stand up in their own right. Usually they don't and without the music they amount to very little. It's a little different however when that lyricist is Bob Dylan - even in his least impressive moments he has been able to turn a poetic phrase. At his best, he's considered by many as the poet of our times.

Lee Dunne, Mary Coughlan and Peter Murphy discuss Bob Dylan's 'Lyrics 1962-2001'

The Artist: Harry Clarke
There has been so much talk about the closure of Bewley's lately that you may well be 'Bewleyed' out. But whatever you feel about the loss of your favourite spot for coffee and a bun, there's another story to it. It's that of the beautiful stained glass windows that were designed and made by Harry Clarke in 1927. He was just 38-years-old at the time, just three years before he died.

The Panel discusses the work of Harry Clarke

The Films: Jim Jarmusch Season
Jim Jarmusch is an independent filmmaker with a very personal vision. His movies are seen as the coolest of the cool, with stars as diverse as Cate Blanchett, Tom Waits, Johnny Depp, Iggy Pop and Roberto Benigni only too glad to report for duty. This week and next, the Irish Film Institute hosts a Jim Jarmusch season, and features his philosophical cowboy tale, 'Dead Man', starring Johnny Depp.

The Panel discusses the work of Jim Jarmusch

The Shows: Pantomime in Ireland
Now it's time for pantomime. Oh no it's not. In Ireland it used to mean Jack Cruise and Maureen Potter, and then it began to mean Twink. And, with the celebrity culture of today, it means an obligatory teen idol of some sort. But for the true devotee, pantomime is an ancient and honourable art, an opportunity for some annual magic that isn't just for the kids.

The Panel discusses pantomime in Ireland

The Performance: Katell Keineg
From Brittany, via Wales, and now very much one of our own, Katell Keineg has just finished an extensive tour on the back of her latest album 'High July'. Tonight she performs a track from the album, 'Shaking the Disease'.

Watch the performance

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