30 November 2004
The Film: Beyond the Sea
'Beyond the Sea' is a movie about Walden Robert Cassotto - better known as Bobby Darin - he of 'Splish Splash', 'Mack the Knife' and much more besides. As a sick child he was given only a few years to live and his subsequent charge at stardom, and constant shifting of styles, is sometimes seen as an attempt to beat that clock. Kevin Spacey plays Darin and Kate Bosworth is his wife, Sandra Dee.

Pat Coyle, Jack Lukeman and Paul Clancy discuss 'Beyond the Sea'

The Book: Only Say the Word
'Only Say the Word' is the latest novel from Niall Williams, best known for his bestseller 'Four Letters of Love'. This latest book tells the story of Jim Foley, living with his children in Co Clare and the love letter he writes to his wife in an attempt to reach her again. By putting his whole faith in language, Jim hopes to say what has remained unsaid during his life - and by doing so he hopes he might recover and restore his lost love.

The Panel discusses Niall Williams' 'Only Say the Word'

The Show: (like) Silver
Tonight an Irish Modern Dance Theatre world premiere took place at the Project in Dublin. '(like) Silver' intends to depict a journey in dance from chaos to order. Choreographed by John Scott, it features dancers from the world renowned Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Sebastao Mpembele Kamalandua from Angola and veteran ballerina Joanna Banks.

The Panel discusses Irish Modern Dance Theatre's '(like) Silver'

The Exhibition: Homme ŕ Femmes
'Homme ŕ Femmes' is a video project at the Green on Red Gallery in Dublin's Lombard Street. It's a reconstruction of an interview given by Jean-Paul Sartre in 1977, and focussing on his views on women, views which were a little old fashioned - to say the least - for the younger and feminist interviewer. Sartre is played by Michel Debrane and the piece is directed by Gerard Byrne.

The Panel discusses 'Homme ŕ Femmes' at the Green on Red Gallery

The Performance: The Radiators Plan 9
The Radiators from Space were formed in Dublin in 1977 and, to the delight of old punks everywhere, reformed in Dublin in 2004. They have released a brand new EP - most of it originally recorded especially for the 'Mystery Train' on RTÉ Radio 1. The title track of the EP revisits the very first single from 1977. Here with 'Television Screen 2004' are the Radiators Plan 9.

Watch the performance

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