26 October 2004
The Film: Alfie
Back in 1966 Michael Caine appeared as a notorious rogue called Alfie. And now a new 'Alfie', has Jude Law in gentler mode. Charles Shyer directs Alfie and his conquests, which include Susan Sarandon, Marisa Tomei and Sienna Miller. Nice work if you can get it. But a sensitive 'Alfie'? As Cilla used to sing, "what's it all about?"

Mannix Flynn, Medb Ruane and Olaf Tyaransen discuss the remake of 'Alfie'

The Play: A Number
'A Number', the award-winning play from Caryl Churchill is a new Prime Cut production at The Project in Dublin and also touring nationwide. It has been called "the first true play of the 21st century". So there's a bit of hype to live up to. It is a thriller involving a father and his sons - but in this case the sons are clones.

The Panel discusses Prime Cut's production of Caryl Churchill's 'A Number'

The Book: The Body of Jonah Boyd
David Leavitt was once dogged by a plagiarism scandal around his book 'While England Sleeps'. Now in his latest novel, 'The Body of Jonah Boyd', he returns to the subject of literary theft. It's a story of desire and deceit in which an outsider examines the careers of two writers - one who thrived and one who didn't.

The Panel discusses David Leavitt's 'The Body of Jonah Boyd'

The Exhibition: A German Dream
59 masterpieces from Berlin's National Gallery have just gone on show at our own National Gallery in Dublin. Entitled 'A German Dream', it covers Romantic Painting from 1800-1860. There are works by Caspar David Friedrich, Karl Friedrich Schinkel and Friedrich Overbeck, among others. 'A German Dream' runs at the National Gallery Millennium Wing until the end of January.

The Panel discusses 'A German Dream' at the National Gallery

The Performance: Rufus Wainwright
Rufus Wainwright is part of an extremely impressive musical dynasty, the Wainwrights on one side - including his father Loudon - and the McGarrigles on the other - his mother being Kate. 'Want Two' is his fourth CD and tonight he performs.

Watch the performance

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