12 October 2004
The Film: Inside I'm Dancing
'Inside I'm Dancing' - which opened the Cork Film Festival on Sunday - is the new movie from Damien O'Donnell, the Irish director of 'East is East' and 'Heartlands'. It's the story of Michael and Rory, played by James McAvoy and Stephen Robertson - both in wheelchairs and struggling for independence. It has already won the Audience Award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and has been nominated for seven awards at the Irish Film and Television Awards, including a nomination for Brenda Fricker.

Amanda Coogan, Declan Hughes and Eileen Battersby discuss 'Inside I'm Dancing'

The Book: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
'Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell' is Susanna Clarke's first full-length book - and it really is full-length. Before it even came out - after the usual hype of the bidding wars - it was being hailed as the book of the year. It's set in England at a time when magic still existed. Mr Norrell hits the big time as a magician and moves to London, where he meets Jonathan Strange, a younger magician who becomes his pupil. From moving statues to Napoleon, it's all here - and given that everybody is playing with fire, the relationship between Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is almost certain to end in tears.

The Panel discusses Susanna Clarke's 'Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell'

The Show: Eithne Jordan
Artist Eithne Jordan has a new exhibition at the Rubicon Gallery, which explores landscape and its monumental forms in today's world. It is full of architecture - warehouses, bridges and suburban dwellings - all painted with a haunting luminosity.

The Panel discusses Eithne Jordan's show at the Rubicon Gallery

Picks of the Week
Tonight we continue our new strand on the show, where members of our panel pick their favourite arts items of the week. This week we look at Nick Cave's new album 'Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus', the Jack Donovan Retrospective at the LCGA in Limerick and Hilary Hahn, the Grammy Award-Winning American violinist who is coming to Ireland soon.

Watch the Picks of the Week

The Performance: Kila
This month Kila have been touring the country in advance of their latest album 'Kila Live in Dublin'. They'll be in Vicar St and Dundalk next week, and then on throughout the country right up to Christmas. Tonight they play 'Her Royal Waggledy Toes'.

Watch the performance

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