28 September 2004
The Play: Death of a Salesman
We begin tonight with the Dublin Theatre Festival and Arthur Miller's 'Death of a Salesman' - a play said to have changed the course of modern theatre. It was last performed in Dublin in 1986 with Ray MacAnally in the lead role and directed by Joe Dowling. And it's Dowling who directs again this time in a new production at the Gaiety Theatre.

Emer O'Kelly, Fintan O'Toole and Ger Philpott discuss 'Death of a Salesman' at the Gaiety Theatre

The Play: The Tinker's Wedding
DruidSynge is a hugely ambitious project from Garry Hynes in which she will direct all Synge's plays over the next 12 months. Earlier this year, we had 'The Playboy of the Western World', and now as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival Druid is performing a double bill of 'The Well of the Saints' and 'The Tinker's Wedding'. In 'The Tinker's Wedding' Sarah Casey, the Beauty of Balinacree, has decided she wants the respectability which will come with marriage to Michael Byrne. He's not so sure, and neither is his mother. 'The Well of the Saints' and 'The Tinker's Wedding' open at the Tivoli Theatre on 4 October and run until 9 October. They can be seen separately or as a double bill.

The Panel discusses Druid's production of 'The Tinker's Wedding'

The Play: Improbable Frequency
'Improbable Frequency' is a new musical from Arthur Riordan and Rough Magic. Directed by Lynne Parker, it takes a satirical look at Ireland's neutrality during the Second World War, and investigates our on-off relationship with our nearest neighbour. It runs at the O'Reilly Theatre, Belvedere College from 27 September until 9 October.

The Panel discusses Rough Magic's production of 'Improbable Frequency'

The Event: AbbeyOneHundred
The Abbey's contribution to the festival comes in the shape of AbbeyOneHundred - public access events, discussions, outreach workshops and no less than 18 plays in 14 days.

The Panel discusses AbbeyOneHundred

The Film: Outfoxed
The 'Stranger than Fiction' documentary festival is on this weekend at the IFI and there will be documentaries covering everything from Dublin in the rare old times to Talking Heads. 'Outfoxed' is an attempt to expose in detail the workings of Rupert Murdoch and Fox News. Fox is a channel which claims to be, as its motto goes, fair and balanced. Anybody who has ever seen Fox News will get the picture fairly quickly, but this is a documentary which aims to lay it out in jaw-dropping detail. 'Outfoxed' is showing at the festival on Sunday morning at 11am. The festival runs at the IFI from Thursday to Sunday evening.

The Panel discusses 'Outfoxed'

The Performance: Headgear
Headgear is an electronic band which is capable of borrowing from rock, folk and pop to create intimate songs with great electronic soundscapes. Led by Darragh Dukes they have just released their debut self-titled album. From that album they perform 'Pighearts'.

Watch the performance

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