21 September 2004
The Film: Man About Dog
'Man About Dog', is an irreverent, witty and fast-paced comedy caper from the people who gave us 'I Went Down'. It tells the story of three losers from Belfast who owe a bookie £50,000 and have a week to pay him back. They see their chance when they "inherit" a greyhound from one of their scams, but the dog is not keen on running straight. They sell the useless mutt to some travellers but then discover that the dog is a natural. They steal the dog back from the travellers, and head to the biggest hare coursing event in Ireland in the hope of beating the bookie.

Camille O'Sullivan, Ferdia Mac Anna and Noel Sheridan discuss 'Man About Dog'

The Book: Oh, Play That Thing
Roddy Doyle's new book, 'Oh, Play That Thing', is volume two of the 'Last Roundup' trilogy which began with 'A Star Called Henry', based on a young boy growing up in Dublin around the time of the Easter Rising. In this latest book, the hero, Henry Smart, is a young emigrant to America. It is 1924 and he scrambles to make a living through selling prohibited alcohol and advertising on sandwich boards in New York. But life soon becomes dangerous and he moves on to Chicago where he falls for the wild new music pouring out of every door: jazz. Henry soon befriends Louis Armstrong, a man who needs someone to open doors for him.

The Panel discusses Roddy Doyle's 'Oh, Play That Thing'

The Play: Master Harold ... & The Boys
Calypso Theatre Productions continues its prodigious output with an Athol Fugard play, part of the Dublin Fringe Festival at The Helix. 'Master Harold ... & The Boys' is Fugard's semi-autobiographical classic. It is a funny and powerful exposé of the impact of apartheid. Two middle-aged black waiters practice their ballroom dancing, while Master Harold finishes homework. What starts off as a fun-filled afternoon quickly descends into cruelty and heartbreak when they receive news of Master Harold's drunken father's unexpected homecoming.

The Panel discusses 'Master Harold ... & The Boys' at the Dublin Fringe Festival

The Exhibition: Martin Gale
Martin Gale has occupied an important place in Irish art since the 1980s. A realist painter, whose subject matter stems from the conventions of landscape and still life he may be, but his work is far from ordinary. He engages with the interaction between subjective perception and objective observation. His landscapes eschew the picturesque and the romantic, opting instead for the keen depiction of life as it is lived in the country. This exhibition at the RHA includes over 40 works surveying the past 10 years of Gale's output, with an annex of 15 major paintings from the prior two decades.

The Panel discusses the Martin Gale exhibition at the RHA

The performance: Ríonach Ní Néill
Our performance in studio is a dance piece, by Rionach Ríonach Ní Néill, 'A Thing of Beauty & A Joy Forever'. It can be seen in the Project Space Upstairs from Wednesday 22 to Saturday 25 September. It is a compelling mix of live music and dance, romping through children's rhymes, parlour songs and the works of Mansfield, Woolf and Rossetti.

Watch the performance

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