14 September 2004
The Film: Code 46
'Code 46' is Michael Winterbottom's new futuristic fantasy, based in a world where Big Brother, known as the Sphinx, controls every detail of people's lives, even deciding who is suitable for someone to sleep with. William, played by Tim Robbins, is an insurance investigator for the Sphinx. But when he falls in love with a suspect he is investigating, Maria, played by Samantha Morton, he risks not only his own marriage but his very place in comfortable society.

Emily O'Reilly, Kevin Gildea and Ita Daly discuss 'Code 46'

The Book: Making Babies
Anne Enright is a former TV producer, actress and a writer. But Motherhood hit her over the head in a way that none of the cocktail parties, award ceremonies or overseas junkets had. 'Making Babies: Stumbling into Motherhood' is a funny but insightful look at her experience from the dawning of pregnancy, through the labour ward to the early days of motherhood, where she felt she was slipping back as her child moved steadily forward.

The Panel discusses Anne Enright's 'Making Babies: Stumbling into Motherhood'

The Exhibition: Acting Normal
Joe Sterling is a photographer and separated father. His new exhibition, 'Acting Normal', at the Gallery of Photography shows images of his own children, pictured through those years on the special occasions when they get to spend some time together.

The Panel discusses Joe Sterling's 'Acting Normal' at the Gallery of Photography

Picks of the Week
Tonight we begin a new strand on the show, where members of our panel pick their favourite arts items of the week.

Emily O'Reilly, Kevin Gildea and Ita Daly discuss their picks of the week

The Discussion: The Abbey
On tonight's show we discuss the latest developments at the National Theatre.

The Panel discusses the latest developments at the Abbey Theatre

The Performance: The Frames
With their new album, 'Burn the Maps', out this Friday and a nationwide tour due to begin on Saturday, The Frames find time in their hectic schedule to join us on tonight's show.

Watch the performance

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