14 June 2004
The View Presents: Sylvia Beach
Sylvia Beach was one of the most important figures in the literary life of James Joyce. The American-born daughter of a Presbyterian minister, she moved to Paris where in 1921 she opened the famous bookshop Shakespeare and Company, a shop frequented by George Bernard Shaw, Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein and, of course, James Joyce. It was a brave Beach who agreed to publish 'Ulysses' - it was 1922, a time when fear of censorship was keeping the established British and American publishers away. For nearly 20 years Joyce and Beach remained close friends. The programme you are about to see was first broadcast in 1962 as part of an RTÉ series called 'Self Portraits'. Here Sylvia Beach is interviewed by Niall Sheridan when she was in Dublin for the opening of the Joyce Tower.

Watch the Sylvia Beach interview from 1962

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