20 April 2004
The Film: Kill Bill: Vol 2
Six months ago, 'The View' looked at the first part of Quentin Tarantino's 'Kill Bill', and now it's time for the rest of the story. With two of the assassins who gunned down her wedding party now out of the way, 'The Bride' (Uma Thurman) proceeds to hunt down the remaining three: Daryl Hannah as 'Elle Driver', Michael Madsen as Budd and Bill himself - The Bride's former lover and a really bad baddie - played by David Carradine. As was the case in Volume 1, this one's chock full of movie references and pastiches, from Hitchcock to the Spaghetti Western and somewhere beyond. But if the first movie was a kind of Westernised Samurai movie, then this one has a lot more of the Kung Fu factor. First, there's David Carradine himself, the star of TV's 'Kung Fu' back in the 70s, then there's the Martial Arts movie legend, Gordon Liu, who plays the Master, Pei Mai, and then there's the fact that part of the film was actually shot in and around Beijing.

Rhona Clarke, Tony Ó Dálaigh and Alice Maher discuss 'Kill Bill: Vol 2'

The Show: Jenufa
Opera Ireland is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Czech composer, Leos Janacek, with a production of his first major opera, 'Jenufa', at Dublin's Gaiety Theatre. The Jenufa of the title is in love with - and pregnant by - her drunken cousin, Steva, who rejects her. The other man in her life, Laca, loves her but the baby is getting in the way and so Jenufa's stepmother, Kostelnicka, secretly kills the little boy. So it's a dark subject, but actually there's some redemption in there too. The cast includes the sopranos Rosalind Plowright as Kostelnicka and Franzita Whelan as Jenufa.

The Panel discusses Opera Ireland's production of 'Jenufa'

The Exhibition: Vik Muniz
The artist Vik Muniz was born in 1961 in Brazil and now lives and works in New York. He uses ordinary, everyday materials such as wire, dust, sugar, chocolate, toy soldiers and jelly to create naturalistic images - then he photographs the results and these photos become the artwork. The first exhibition of his work here is currently running at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Kilmainham, where over 40 of his photographs are on show.

The Panel discusses the Vik Muniz exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art

The Book: That Which Was
The writer Glenn Patterson lives in his hometown of Belfast where he teaches Creative Writing at Queen's University. Hard on the heels of last year's 'Number 5' comes his sixth novel, 'That Which Was'. It's set in Belfast in 2000, a time when the jails are being emptied of paramilitary prisoners. The book's central character is Ken Avery, a Presbyterian Reverend who tempts fate when he tries to unearth the real story of a middle-aged man he's met. The man has confessed to murder but can't remember who, why, where or when.

The Panel discusses Glenn Patterson's 'That Which Was'

The Performance: Alphastates
The band Alphastates have been around since 2001 and whether you know them or not, you've probably already heard their music on radio or TV. It's a mix of ambient electronica and pop with breathy vocals courtesy of singer Catherine Dowling. The band have three EPs to date, one of which, 'Sometimes', appears on their debut album, 'Made From Sand', which is now in the shops. They're currently in the middle of an Irish tour and tonight they play 'Sometimes'.

Watch the performance

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