30 March 2004
The Film: Monster
'Monster' is the movie version of the true story of serial killer Aileen Wuornos, executed in 2002 after having confessed to the murders of six men. It's the first feature from director Patti Jenkins and it stars Charlize Theron in her Oscar-winning role. A one-time model and professional ballerina, Theron has appeared in movies like 'The Cider House Rules', 'The Devil's Advocate', 'The Astronaut's Wife' and last year's remake of 'The Italian Job'. But now things have moved onto another plane with her winning the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance here.

Stephen Dixon, Thomas McLaughlin and Marie-Louise O'Donnell discuss 'Monster'

The Play: Tadhg Stray Wandered In
'Tadhg Stray Wandered In' is a brand new play from Michael Collins currently running at the Project in Dublin. It's the latest production from Fishamble Theatre Company, the company which presented a reading of Collins' earlier work, 'Bowing and Scraping', back in 1998. Directed by Jim Culleton, 'Tadhg Stray' is about a young Navan man who's about to do his Leaving Cert but who goes to Paris in pursuit of a girl. It's a monologue, delivered by Eamonn Owens, the actor who made such a stunning movie debut as the lead in Neil Jordan's film of 'The Butcher Boy'.

The Panel discusses Fishamble Theatre Company's production of Michael Collins' 'Tadhg Stray Wandered In'

The Exhibition: Verne Dawson
An exhibition by the American painter Verne Dawson is currently at the Douglas Hyde Gallery in Dublin. The bumpf describes Dawson as an unusual artist - and they got that right. That said, the works incorporate a number of recognisable genres, among them landscape, still life, portraiture, history painting and some abstract composition, but there's more besides - fantasy, myth and science fiction.

The Panel discusses Verne Dawson's show at the Douglas Hyde Gallery

The Book: 11 Emerald Street
'11 Emerald Street' is the first novel from Hugh O'Donnell. As Aodh Ó Dómhnaill, he worked as an actor and had his own one-man shows in the Dublin and Edinburgh festivals. In fact he was one of the founders of Andrew's Lane Theatre in Dublin. '11 Emerald Street' is about a young boy called Robbie, growing up in late-50s, inner city Dublin. After he gets hurt in a crush at Croke Park, his life begins to change.

The Panel discusses Hugh O'Donnell's '11 Emerald Street'

The Performance: The Tycho Brahe
Dublin band The Tycho Brahe have been on a short Irish tour for the past month or so, promoting their double CD 'Love Life'. There are three more gigs coming up when the band plays The Lobby in Cork on 28 and 29 April and a seated show in the Temple Bar Music Centre on 6 May.

Watch the performance

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