23 March 2004
The Series: Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues
Last Autumn, the US broadcaster PBS aired a 7-part documentary series all about America's biggest contribution to the world - the blues. The executive producer of the series was the movie director and blues aficionado Martin Scorsese. He also directed one of the films in the series, 'Feel Like Going Home'. The series consists of seven personal films by seven different directors, the others being Clint Eastwood, Wim Wenders, Mike Figgis, and three less familiar names, Charles Burnett, Mark Levin and Richard Pearce.

Gerry Gregg, Judy Lunny and Peter Murphy discuss 'Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues'

The Play: Defender of the Faith
One of the planks of the Abbey Theatre's centenary programme is its new talent strand, 'The Abbey and New Writing'. The latest production in this strand, 'Defender of the Faith', opened last night at the Peacock. Directed by Wilson Milam, it's the first play by Stuart Carolan, better-known as the voice behind Navan Man and The Drunken Politician. Having also worked as producer of 'The Dunphy Show' for TV3, this is quite a change for Carolan - a play about a Republican family who play host to another IRA man on a rather serious mission. Set in South Armagh in 1986, it stars Tom Hickey, Lalor Roddy, Lawrence Kinlan, Frank McCusker and Gerard McSorley.

The Panel discusses Stuart Carolan's 'Defender of the Faith' at the Peacock Theatre

The Book: GB84
The Yorkshireman David Peace is the author of four novels based around the actions of the so-called 'Yorkshire Ripper', Peter Sutcliffe. His new novel, 'GB84', looks at the 1984 Miners' Strike, one of the key moments of the period referred to as 'Thatcher's Britain'. The strike is now seen by many as the prolonged event that effectively broke the power of Britain's unions, maybe even of British socialism itself. In the new book, Peace has constructed a complex narrative, mixing documentary fact and crime thriller in three intersecting strands. The overall picture is one of a comprehensive conspiracy against the miners themselves.

The Panel discusses David Peace's 'GB84'

The Exhibition: Turn In
'Turn In' is the new show from Martina Mullaney at the Gallery of Photography in Dublin. It features a number of large-scale colour photographs, taken while she was working around Dublin's various night shelters and hostels. An integral part of the show is an installation of other images produced by some of the people Mullaney worked with, namely the residents of the shelters and hostels themselves. And there's also a third series of images, 'Dinner for One', about eating alone.

The Panel discusses Martina Mullaney's 'Turn In' at The Gallery of Photography

The Performance: Martin Hayes & Denis Cahill
Fiddler Martin Hayes and guitarist Dennis Cahill are on a major European tour this month, taking in Britain, France, Belgium and Italy and they've already played a special concert in Frankfurt to celebrate St Patrick's Day and the Irish EU Presidency. They're back in Ireland this week for two concerts, at Glór in Ennis on Thursday and at the National Concert Hall in Dublin on Friday.

Watch the performance

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