09 December 2003
The film: 'Mystics'
The Film 'Mystics', written by Wesley Burrowes and starring old-timers Milo O'Shea and David Kelly aims to imitate the Ealing comedies of the 40s and 50s but in a purely Irish setting. It's about two old codgers, Dave and Locky, who run a fake séance scam when in comes a gang of heavies and suddenly the stakes are raised.

Mary O'Rourke, Ursula Rani Sarma and Noel Sheridan review the David Blair directed comedy

The DVD: Charle Chaplin Collection
The comedian Charlie Chaplin was probably the most important star of the silent movie era. But the man with the funny walk wasn't just a hugely profitable star, he was also a gifted director, producer, writer and composer and he continued to direct movies right up to the mid-1960s. With his character, The Little Tramp, Chaplin made his name with a string of seminal movies including The Kid (in 1921), The Gold Rush, City Lights, his first talkie, 1936's 'Modern Times', and many others. Now, all of the movies have been released in a comprehensive new edition on DVD and video.

The panel discuss the legacy of Hollywood's first star

The exhibition: 'Living In A Cloud'
The RHA Gallagher Gallery has made a practice of inviting independent artists to curate new shows at the gallery. This year, the artist Sarah Pierce has organised 'Living in a Cloud', a continuation of her existing project 'The Metropolitan Complex' which looks at the relationship between artists and a city and its institutions. There's work by four featured artists in the current show: Emilie Clark and Nina Katchadourian from the US, Javier Tellez from Venezuela and Ireland's Wendy Judge.

The panel debate the impact of the show which is running in the RHA until 4 January

The book: '13'
The writer Mary-Lou Zeitoun was raised in Ottawa and went to university in Toronto and Montreal. As the editor and co-owner of iMPACT, the Canadian music magazine, she wrote about rock music and popular culture. '13', her first novel, concerns teenager Marnie Harmon. It's 1980 and young Marnie feels alienated from her family and her teachers. Marnie's escape is through her imaginated relationship with John Lennon.

The panel review '13'

The performance:'The Dying Swan'
The Limerick-based Daghdha Dance Company has a new home and to celebrate this fact there's a free weekend-long event starting on Friday. It's called 'Gravity and Grace - a weekend of stories in movement' and it will feature some of Europe's finest dancers, among them Colin Dunne and dancers from Ballet Frankfurt.

Watch the performance

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