02 December 2003
Film I: Master and Commander
Patrick O'Brien's epic Master and Commander is the latest literary adaptation to be brought to the big screen. Staring Russell Crowe, the action is set during the Napoleonic wars and concerns the adventures of sea captain Jack 'Lucky' Aubrey and his ship's doctor, Stephen Maturin.

Willie White, Ruth Barton and Emer Coleman discuss the latest Peter Weir film

The Exhibition: Louise Bourgeois - Stitches in Time
One of the most influential artists of our time, Louise Bourgeois in now 92. A pioneer of contemporary art, Bourgeois was born in Paris into a family with a tradition in the classical tapestry business. She trained as a painter and later worked as a sculptor, becoming one of the greatest influences of her generation. The Irish Museum of Modern Art is currently holding a solo show focusing on the artist's work from 1996 to the present.

The panel review the exhibition

Film II: Thirteen
It's never been easy being a teenager but things are only getting worse, if we're to believe the goings-on in a new Catherine Hardwicke movie, 'Thirteen', which opens on Friday.

The panel discuss this controversial film

The Book: A Hymn of the Dawn
The first book by Padraic Fallon, son of the poet Padraic Fallon who died in 1974, is the story of the author, his parents and five older brothers during an idyllic summer in County Wexford in the 1950s.

The panel review this memoir

In performance: Lisa Moore
A member of the Bang on the Can Company, Lisa Moore performs an oratorio for speaking pianist by the American composer, Frederic Rzewski. It's called 'De Profundis' and it's inspired by the writings of Oscar Wilde whilst in Reading Gaol.

Watch the performance

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