27 May 2003
The Film: Full Frontal
In 2000 two of Steven Soderbergh's films won Academy Awards. Julia Roberts got an Oscar for 'Erin Brockovich' and Soderbergh himself got the Best Director Award for 'Traffic'. In 2001, he had another critical and commercial success with the remake of 'Oceans 11'. His new movie, 'Full Frontal', has some similarities with his 1989 debut, 'sex, lies & videotape'. 'Full Frontal' features an ensemble cast including Julia Roberts, David Duchovny, David Hyde Pierce, Blair Underwood and Catherine Keener. The film is about a bunch of loosely-connected characters who are due to turn up at a 40th birthday party in LA for a big movie producer.

Gerry Godley, Charlie McCarthy and Belinda McKeon discuss 'Full Frontal'

The Show: Crestfall
Mark O'Rowe became well-known after his play 'Howie the Rookie' won numerous awards. His other plays include 'From Both Hips', 'Anna's Ankle' and 'Made In China', and he has written the screenplay for the Irish film 'Intermission', directed by John Crowley and starring Colin Farrell. It is due for release next year. O'Rowe's new play 'Crestfall' is now running in The Gate. Directed by Garry Hynes, it stars Marie Mullen, Aisling O'Sullivan and Eileen Walsh in three overlapping monologues, each of the characters offering her own view of the story.

The Panel discusses Mark O'Rowe's 'Crestfall'

The Exhibition: Dog
The painter Dermot Seymour was born in Belfast and first exhibited in the late 1970s, when his paintings reflected the influence of the worst period of The Troubles. He has had many solo and group shows since then, among them the Irish Contemporary Art exhibition 'Something Else', which toured in Finland, and group shows in Florida, Warsaw, London and Belfast. He has lived and worked for a long time in the Irish countryside, a perfect setting for his paintings of livestock and other animals. In his earlier paintings, the animals were frequently juxtaposed with the helicopters and border observation posts. Now, for his third show at the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery in Dublin, he has turned his attention from livestock to domestic pets - the title says it all.

The Panel discusses Dermot Seymour's 'Dog'

The Book: The Very Man
Chris Binchy studied English and Spanish at UCD and later graduated from the master's course in creative writing at Trinity College Dublin. He worked at a succession of jobs before travelling through Asia and South America and then training as a sushi chef. In January 2001, however, he gave up the day job and began to write his first novel, 'The Very Man'. It follows Rory, who decides to leave his flash job in New York and return to Dublin and all the friends he grew up with. The city is starting to experience the boom and although the fast money seems to suit Rory perfectly, his life gradually begins to unravel.

The Panel discusses Chris Binchy's 'The Very Man'

The Performance: The Jimmy Cake
Instrumental outfit The Jimmy Cake began performing around Dublin 6 years ago. In those days, they were known as Das Madman but they changed the name and added two more members, making nine in all. They released their first album, 'Brains', in 2001, and last year added another, 'Dublin Gone. Everybody Dead', and they have just finished recording a new mini-album, 'Superlady', which is due out at the end of June. Tonight they play 'Three Minutes and No Longer'.

Watch the performance

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