20 May 2003
The Film: The Matrix Reloaded
Andy and Larry Wachowski first attracted attention when they co-wrote the script for Richard Donner's 1995 thriller, 'The Assassins'. The following year they wrote and directed 'Bound', starring Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon. But it was their next movie, 1999's 'The Matrix', which became something of a phenomenon. Again written and directed by the brothers, 'The Matrix' was science fiction with a difference: part Hollywood special effects, part Hong Kong action film - with a bit of kooky religion thrown in. The film won four Oscars and went on to gross over $450m at the box office. Parent company Warner Brothers was happy and the first of two very expensive sequels is now here. It's called 'The Matrix Reloaded' and features the same crew of actors and some new faces.

Roberta Gray, Marie-Louise O'Donnell and Karim Rehmani-White discuss 'The Matrix Reloaded'

The Book: Skin of Dreams
Evelyn Conlon was born in County Monaghan in 1952. She lived for a while in Australia and travelled in Russia and Asia before returning to Ireland where she studied at St Patrick's College, Maynooth. She was a founding member of the Rape Crisis Centre in Dublin. She's an author of novels, short stories, plays and critical essays and also works as a reviewer and broadcaster. Her novels include 'Stars in the Daytime' and 'A Glassful of Letters' and she has two short story collections, 'Taking Scarlet as a Real Colour' and 'Telling'. Her new novel, 'Skin of Dreams', deals with legacy of capital punishment - in this case, its effect on twins Maud and Malachy. Maud discovers that their granduncle was hanged in the 1940s but she doesn't tell Malachy. Instead, she becomes obsessed with the death penalty and even visits Death Row in the US.

The Panel discusses Evelyn Conlon's 'Skin of Dreams'

The Show: Doldrum Bay
Hilary Fannin worked in Dublin for many years as an actress both on stage and in television. She moved to London where her first play, 'Mackerel Sky', was performed at the Bush Theatre in 1997 and had its Irish premiere at The Peacock in 1999. She wrote a number of plays for BBC Radio 4, including 'Red Feathers' and 'Dear Exile'. Fannin's new play, 'Doldrum Bay', is the second of a planned trilogy and has just opened in the Peacock. Directed by Mark Lambert, it looks with humour and pathos at the lives of two forty-ish couples. The cast includes Ali White, Owen Roe, Karen Ardiff, Risteárd Cooper, Darragh Kelly and Ruth Negga.

The Panel discusses Hilary Fannin's 'Doldrum Bay'

The Exhibition: fatfinger (haitch. kay. eks.)
British artist Martin Westwood belongs to an influential group of artists working in sculpture, many of them, like himself, graduates of the RCA in London. He has held solo exhibitions in Germany and Spain and at The Approach in London and he has also had numerous group exhibitions around the world. His installation 'fatfinger (haitch.kay.eks)' is currently running in Dublin's Project. It uses materials collected from offices, such as shredded paper, sticky tape and even well-chewed chewing gum.

The Panel discusses Martin Westwood's 'fatfinger (haitch. kay. eks.)'

The Performance: Cane 141
The group Cane 141 have released two albums and five singles to date and sporadically highlight these releases with live shows centred around their own marriage of electronic and organic sounds. This summer they are guests of the Galway and Westport Arts Festivals and the Witnness Event at Punchestown. Tonight, they perform the instrumental 'Lolly12', which is currently available as a limited edition single release from their website,

Watch the performance

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