06 May 2003
On Stage: The Woman Who Walked Into Doors
'The Woman Who Walked Into Doors' is the story of Paula Spencer, wife of the abusive Charlo, both characters familiar to millions of TV viewers who saw the four-part series 'Family' in 1994. After the TV series came the novel, and now we have the play, adapted from Roddy Doyle's novel of the same name by Doyle and the show's director, Joe O'Byrne. The play charts the journey taken by Paula, played by Hilda Fay, from feisty schoolgirl to battered wife and alcoholic.

Catherine Donnelly, Patsy McGarry and Katie Moylan discuss 'The Woman Who Walked Into Doors'

The Film: The Heart of Me
Irish director Thaddeus O'Sullivan was born in Dublin in 1947. He became known as a cinematographer and made his feature film debut in 1990 with the period drama 'December Bride'. His other films include 'Nothing Personal' and 'Ordinary Decent Criminal', starring Kevin Spacey. His new film 'The Heart of Me' begins in 1930's Britain and tells the story of two sisters, Dinah and Madeleine played by Helena Bonham Carter and Olivia Williams. They both love the same man, Rickie, who just happens to be Madeleine's husband.

The Panel discusses 'The Heart of Me'

The Book: Pattern Recognition
William Gibson was born in South Carolina in 1948. His novel 'Neuromancer' was published in 1984 and won the Hugo, Nebula and Philip K Dick awards. With it he established a new form of science fiction literature, 'cyberpunk'. In fact, it was Gibson who coined the term 'cyberspace', well before the advent of today's Internet. His new novel, 'Pattern Recognition', is a kind of thriller untypical of Gibson in that it's set in the present, not the future.

The Panel discusses William Gibson's 'Pattern Recognition'

The Programme: Any Given Sunday
Last year, four young Dublin-based entrepreneurs put €500,000 of their own money on the line as they prepared to launch a brash new celebrity-driven weekend newspaper, 'Stars on Sunday'. 'Any Given Sunday' is Coco Television's documentary about the venture, shown as part of RTÉ One's 'True Lives' series and follows the story from 'Stars on Sunday's well-hyped launch to its final crash.

The Panel discusses 'Any Given Sunday'

The Performance: Woodstar
Limerick band Woodstar were formed in the summer of 2000. They are a five-piece outfit whose influences are wide and varied, from Dylan and Bowie to Smog and Red House Painters. They have just come to the end of an extensive nationwide headline tour, celebrating the release of their debut album 'Life Sparks', on the Limerick-based independent label, Wet Clay. On this week's programme, they give us 'The King'.

Watch the performance

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