29 April 2003
The Film: Heartlands
The young Irish writer-director Damien O'Donnell became well-known in Irish film-making circles after the release of his short film, '35 Aside', in 1995. That led, in classic style, to O'Donnell's first feature film, 'East is East', released in 1999. The film, about a mixed-race family in London, became a big UK hit and was nominated for 6 BAFTAs, winning one, the Alexander Korda Award for Outstanding British Film. 'Heartlands' is another comedy - but this time an original take on the road movie. It's about a contented man, Colin (Michael Sheen), whose wife runs away with the captain of his local darts team. It follows what happens when he takes a motorbike journey to Blackpool in pursuit of her.

Natasha Fennell, Peter Murphy and Donal O'Kelly discuss 'Heartlands'

The Show: Charlie
John Breen, Artistic Director of the Yew Tree Theatre Company, won Best Director at the 2000 ESB Irish Times Awards for his play, 'Alone It Stands'. It told the story of the legendary 1978 victory of the Munster rugby team over the visiting All-Blacks. The subject of his new play, 'Charlie', is former Taoiseach Charles Haughey. Breen explores the relationship between Haughey and the Fianna Fáil grassroots. He also covers the political and financial scandals, from the Arms Trail to the recent Tribunals.

The Panel discusses 'Charlie'

The Book: Chicken
David Henry Sterry arrived in Los Angeles at the age of 17 to attend college, but he soon found himself homeless and after accepting a bed from a stranger, he was raped. Soon afterwards, he was working as a prostitute, servicing mainly rich and lonely women. In 'Chicken', he gives a colourful, no-holds-barred account of his exploits, both funny and disturbing, as a gigolo in Hollywood. Sterry has worked as a writer, actor, marriage counsellor, comedian and athlete, and has put together a one-man show based on 'Chicken', which he plans to take to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer.

The Panel discusses David Sterry's 'Chicken'

The Show: After Darwin
The playwright Timberlake Wertenbaker was born in America in 1951. She began writing plays and moved to London where she became involved with a number of theatre companies and was Resident Writer at the Royal Court from 1984 to 1985. She is probably best known for her play 'Our Country's Good', about the transportation of prisoners to 18th Century Australia, for which she won the 1988 Lawrence Olivier Play of the Year. Her play 'After Darwin' was first performed in London 15 years ago and is currently running in Dublin's Project in a new production from Belfast company Prime Cut. It tells the story of Millie, a Bulgarian immigrant who seizes a last chance to prove her worth by directing a play she's discovered about the great scientist, Charles Darwin.

The Panel discusses 'After Darwin'

The Performance: Yusa
Fans of the Buena Vista Music Club might be forgiven for thinking that all musicians in Cuba were over 70. 'The View's musical guest in studio tonight was herself born in the Havana suburb called Buena Vista, but she has a music all of her own, which defies the usual labels. Yusa is a singer songwriter who grew up listening not only to the local 'bolero' and 'filin' songs but also to Brazilian music and to North American jazz, rock and fusion. Tonight, she will be performing a number from her self-titled album.

Watch the performance

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