22 April 2003
The Film: Dead Bodies
Derek Landy was working on the family farm in North County Dublin when the idea for 'Dead Bodies' first occurred to him. He wrote the screenplay in three weeks, stuck it in a drawer and a few years went by before it got to producer David McLoughlin who called him immediately and approached Robert Quinn to direct. Quinn, son of the filmmaker Bob Quinn, had made a reputation as one of Ireland's foremost Assistant Directors. And now here comes his first feature: the story of Tommy whose turbulent relationship with his girlfriend Jean leads him into some very dark waters.

Linda Cullen, Stephanie McBride and Noel Sheridan discuss 'Dead Bodies'

The Show: Portraits and Mnemosyne
Alice Maher was born in Tipperary and studied in Limerick, Cork, Belfast and San Francisco, beginning to exhibit in 1986. She has always used a great diversity of media and materials and in her new exhibition of eleven portraits at the Green on Red gallery, she uses photography to create images of herself, transformed by the use of moss, hearts and snails. And there is an accompanying show at the Father Matthew Hall on Church Street, 'Mnemosyne', an ice-sculpture which continually freezes, melts, then freezes again.

The Panel discusses Alice Maher's two shows

The Book: The Guilty Heart
Before she began writing psychological thrillers, Julie Parsons had a varied career from artist's model, to freelance journalist, to radio and TV producer. Her books, starting with 'Mary, Mary' in 1998, followed by 'The Courtship Gift' and 'Eager to Please', are set in contemporary Dublin and are centred around violent death but spread out to cover troubled relationships and fractured families. Her new one, 'The Guilty Heart', is no exception. Nick Cassidy, sweltering in midsummer New Orleans, is thinking back to a November night in Dún Laoghaire some 10 years before. The night of the sudden and never-explained disappearance of his 8-year-old son Owen.

The Panel discusses Julie Parsons' 'The Guilty Heart'

The Film: Welcome to Collinwood
When Oscar winning director Steven Soderbergh saw a student film by Joe and Anthony Russo, he was impressed enough to put in a call. And when Soderbergh and George Clooney formed their production company, Section Eight, one of its projects became the Russo brothers' 'Welcome to Collinwood'. It's based on the 1956 Italian film 'I Soliti Ignolti', a movie whose bumbling small time crooks have inspired other imitations including Woody Allen's 'Take the Money and Run', 'The Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight' and 'Palookaville'.

The Panel discusses 'Welcome to Collinwood'

The Performance: Dave Couse
When Irish band A House finally called it a night in the Olympia Theatre in 1997, it was a pretty emotional occasion. But now Dave Couse, former A House frontman, is back in the limelight with his first solo album 'Genes' on the beep beep label. Tonight, with Simon Quigley on piano, he gives us 'For Sale'.

Watch the performance

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