15 April 2003
The Film: Intacto
In 1977, the island of Tenerife was the site of what was at the time the worst plane crash in history. Two Boeing 747s collided on the runway, killing 582 people. By chance, nine-year-old Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's parents were driving past the airport minutes before the crash and the clouds of black smoke and screaming ambulances left a mark on him that he now describes as an obsession. The chance of the accident - and the chance of him being there at the time - lie behind Fresnadillo's first feature, the thriller 'Intacto'. Put simply, the idea behind the film is that luck can be exchanged, stolen, accumulated and gambled, and that while some people are born super-lucky, others have little or none at all.

Karen Fricker, Peter Sheridan and Brian Singleton discuss 'Intacto'

On Stage: The House of Bernarda Alba
Murdered by Fascist police in 1938, the great Spanish poet and playwright Federico García Lorca never saw his last play, 'The House of Bernarda Alba', on stage. Famous not least for its entirely female cast of characters, it's the story of the madness, which explodes as a result of the widowed Bernarda Alba's determination to keep her five unmarried daughters pure in the eyes of both Church and society. The play is currently running at the Abbey.

The Panel discusses ' The House of Bernarda Alba'

The Show: I'm Not There
Though born in Los Angeles, Daniel Olson moved when young to Canada and studied mathematics, architecture and visual arts in Nova Scotia and Toronto. Olson produces a huge variety of work: installations with audio and video elements; multiples, including interactive objects like sound toys, books and performances. He also produces independent audio works, some of which are the sound elements from performances and installations. Earlier this year, he spent four months in Dublin as a resident artist at the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the exhibition 'I'm Not There' at the Goethe Institute in Merrion Square is the result.

The Panel discusses Daniel Olson's 'I'm Not There'

The Book: Number 5
Glenn Patterson was born in Belfast, studied creative writing with Malcolm Bradbury and Angela Carter in East Anglia, and published his first novel, 'Burning Your Own', in 1988. It was followed by 'Fat Lad', 'Black Night at Big Thunder Mountain' and 'The International'. Patterson's new novel, 'Number 5', is set in the Belfast where he now lives again after stints in Manchester and Cork. Simply put, it's the story of one house and five families across 45 years, from the 1950s to the present.

The Panel discusses Glenn Patterson's 'Number 5'

The Performance: Bordello to Ballroom
According to the Argentinian musician and composer Astor Piazzolla, tango was for the ear rather than for the feet. Be that as it may, the musicians of 'Bordello to Ballroom' probably won't object if some of their audience find the rhythms of Piazzolla's music irresistibly moving. That music is the inspiration for the show, which comes to the end of a Spring tour next Saturday at the Pavilion in Dún Laoghaire. And Dermot Dunne on accordion, Kenneth Rice, violin, Svetlana Rudenko at the piano and Malachy Robinson on double bass will also be seen at the Killaloe Festival in July and on another Irish Tour in the Autumn.

Watch the performance

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