18 February 2003
The Film: The Ring
Director Hideo Nakata's 1997 cult classic 'Ringu' was one of Japan's biggest box office hits. Now remade as 'The Ring', starring Naomi Watts of 'Mulholland Drive' fame, it's the tale of a tape filled with nightmarish images. After you watch the tape, the phone rings and a voice tells you that you're going to die in seven days.

Jane Humphries, Peter Sheridan and Declan McGonagle discuss 'The Ring'

The Show: All My Sons
The great American playwright Arthur Miller has written more than 30 plays in over 60 years of writing. His plays have included 'The Crucible', 'Death of a Salesman', 'A View from the Bridge' and 'All My Sons', just opened at the Abbey Theatre in a new production by Joe Dowling. Set shortly after World War II, it's the story of arms manufacturer Joe Keller who became successful selling substandard war materials. He has lost one son in the war, and is keen to see his remaining son, Chris, marry. However, Chris wishes to marry Ann, the former fiancée of his dead brother, Larry.

The Panel discusses 'All My Sons'

The Show: Favela Vila Prudente
The artist Brian Maguire first visited the 'favelas' or shanty-towns of Sao Paolo, Brazil in 1998. Throughout his career, he has consistently got involved in collaborative projects with individuals or groups of people who have either been marginalised by or alienated from mainstream society. The results of his work in Sao Paolo were first exhibited 1998 and then at the Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin in 2000. Since then, Maguire has returned several times to one of the favelas, named 'Vila Prudente' and the relationships he has developed there have resulted in the photographs in this new exhibition.

The panel discusses Brian Maguire's 'Favela Vila Prudente'

The Book: The Day of the Dead
'The Day of the Dead' is the second thriller from John Creed, the thriller-writing alter ego of novelist Eoin McNamee. His first, 'The Sirius Crossing', won the Crime Writer's Association Steel Dagger Prize last year. 'The Day of the Dead' follows jaded former intelligence agent Jack Valentine, as he pursues drug baron Ricardo Xaberra to New York and then on to Mexico.

The Panel discusses 'The Day of the Dead'

The Performance: The 4 of Us
Newry-born brothers Brendan and Declan Murphy, the song-writing nucleus of The 4 of Us, released their first album 'Songs For The Tempted' in 1989, followed by 'Man Alive', 'Amplifier' and 'Classified Personal'. Now here they have a new one, 'Heaven and Earth', released last week and supported by gigs over the next few weeks in Galway, Dublin, Dundalk, Drogheda and Cork.

Watch the performance

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