28 January 2003
The Film: Catch Me If You Can
When Frank William Abagnale Junior was 17, his parents divorced and Frank ran away from home. What he got up to next is the subject of 'Catch Me If You Can', the new movie from Steven Spielberg based on Abagnale's autobiography and starring Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. It was the Sixties, flying was still a thrill and young Frank decided to pass himself off as a pilot. And then a doctor. And then a lawyer - all the time writing cheques to the tune of millions, which is what brought him to the attention of the FBI and in particular one Special Agent, Carl Hanratty.

Angela Bourke, Finola Cronin and Karim Rehmani-White discuss 'Catch Me If You Can'

The Show: The Gallant John-Joe
The collaboration between writer Tom MacIntyre and actor Tom Hickey is a celebrated part of recent Irish theatrical history, going back to the 1983 production of MacIntyre's adaptation of Kavanagh's 'The Great Hunger', which took the Edinburgh Festival by storm, winning a Fringe First Award. Their latest creation is 'The Gallant John-Joe'.

The panel discusses 'The Gallant John-Joe'

The Show: The Yellow Room
The US-based choreographer Yoshiko Chuma has been working with the Limerick-based Daghda Dance Company for the past three years, pushing at the limits of what we normally think of as dance. Of their latest show, Chuma says, "I'm not sure that 'The Yellow Room' can be called a dance. It might be better termed as an installation." What's indisputable, is that it's a collaboration between choreographers, dancers, actors, designers, a photographer, a scriptwriter, a film maker and a swimming champion.

The panel discusses ' The Yellow Room'

The Show: Figure to Ground
Nick Miller was born in London, moved to Dublin and has been based in Sligo since 1993. He is one of the leading figurative painters of his generation and has shown in London, the United States, in Amsterdam and in Dublin at the City Arts Centre and IMMA. Now, at Dublin's RHA Gallagher Gallery, in a show called 'Figure to Ground', alongside drawings of family and friends, we have the first showing of the landscape paintings, which have emerged from his mobile studio, a converted truck.

The panel discusses Nick Miller's 'Figure to Ground'

The Performance: Kandia Kouyate
In West Africa, a Griot is a combination of a singer, poet, historian, and community leader, a bit like our bards of old. In her homeland of Mali, Kandia Kouyate is a famous Jalimusolu, a female Griot, who became known as "la dangereuse" because of her ability to send her audiences into a trance. The Improvised Music Company has brought her here as part of the ESB Routes in Rhythm series for some nationwide dates.

Watch the performance

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