10 December 2002
The Film: The Curse of the Jade Scorpion
Back in 1952 Woody Allen was selling jokes to the likes of columnist Walter Winchell. It was also in 1952 that he saw his first Ingmar Bergman film, 'Summer with Monika', and ever since then he's been moving - usually with great style - between the gags and the gloom. In his latest film, 'The Curse of the Jade Scorpion', he stars alongside Charlize Theron, Elizabeth Berkley and, as the kind of woman once played by Rosalind Russell in a deceptively feminine hat, Helen Hunt.

Margaret O'Callaghan, Ger Philpott and Jennifer Walshe discuss The Curse of the Jade Scorpion

The Book: Roger Casement: The Black Diaries
When Sir Roger Casement was hanged in Pentonville Prison in 1916 it was not the kind of end that might have been expected for a colonial servant and a knight of the realm. But he was also a traitor to the crown who had solicited support from the German enemy to further the cause of Irish nationalism. And he was, apparently - and controversially - a diarist of the so-called 'Black Diaries' which detailed with some relish his homosexual pursuits. Jeffrey Dudgeon, co-founder of the Northern Ireland Gay Rights Association, looks at Casement's background and career in 'Roger Casement: The Black Diaries'.

The panel discuss Jeffrey Dudgeon's 'Roger Casement: The Black Diaries'

On Stage: The Lamplight
Garret Baker has published two novels, 'The Runts of the Litter' and 'Love nor Lack of Love' and written and directed three plays - 'Rabbits Have The Right Idea', 'Dry' and 'The Truth Game'. His new play, 'The Lamplight', which he again wrote, directed and in which he plays the lead opened last night at the New Theatre in Dublin's Temple Bar.

The panel discuss Garret Baker's 'The Lamplight'

The Exhibition: Dig Dug Dug
Miroslaw Balka was born in 1958 and raised in socialist Poland where he studied Warsaw's Academy of Fine Arts. He has been exhibiting internationally since 1988. Balka's father was an engraver and his grandfather a stone-cutter and in his own way he continues the family's sculptural tradition.

The panel discuss 'Dig Dug Dug'

The Performance: Josh Ritter
American singer-songwriter Josh Ritter has been compared to Arlo Guthrie and Bob Dylan but he also showed on his first album, 'The Golden Age of Radio', that he's bringing something of his own to the party. He has toured Ireland with both The Frames and Glen Hansard and he is back here this Thursday in Dublin's Vicar Street, supported by James Yorkston and The Athletes.

Josh Ritter performing 'Me and Jiggs'

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