29 October 2002
The Films: 28 Days Later and Morvern Callar
Director Danny Boyle and writer Alex Garland first worked together on the adaptation of Garland's novel 'The Beach'. Now they are together again for '28 Days Later', which stars Cillian Murphy and tells the story of a deadly virus, which wipes out the population of Britain. Alan Warner's novel 'Morvern Callar' was published in 1995, the story of a young supermarket worker and what follows after her boyfriend commits suicide. Now it's been brought to the screen by Lynne Ramsay, the Scots director whose first feature, 'Ratcatcher' picked up Best Director awards in Europe and America.

Helen Meany, Belinda McKeon and Peter Sheridan discuss '28 Days Later'

The Book: Star of the Sea
Joseph O'Connor was born in Dublin in 1963. His first novel, 'Cowboys and Indians', published in 1991, was shortlisted for the Whitbread Prize and there have been three others since: 'Desperadoes', 'The Salesman' and 'Inishowen'. His latest novel, 'Star of the Sea' is set on board the ship of that name as it battles its way across the Atlantic Ocean through the winter of 1847.

The panel discusses Joseph O'Connor's 'Star of the Sea'

The Exhibition: Skins
Alexis Harding was born in London and studied Fine Art at Goldsmith's College. He has had solo exhibitions in London, Basel, and Lisbon and has shown in such group exhibitions as 'Die Yuppie Scum', 'Loaded' and most recently in 'Shimmering Substance' at the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol. The way he works is to pour gloss paint through a trough onto a panel of wet oil paint. And because the paints are incompatible, the surfaces react to form a wrinkled and puckered skin. Hence the title of his current show at the Rubicon Gallery, 'Skins'.

The panel discusses Alexis Harding's show 'Skins'

The Performance: Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club
Ger Whelan once of An Emotional Fish, has resurfaced under the name Jerry. Having effectively dropped out of music and turned to his other passion, restoring motorcycles, his return to recording and performing is a perhaps a surprise. But now masquerading as Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club, he has released an album entitled 'Be Yourself', described by Jerry himself as Tom Waits and George Melly getting together with Fun Lovin' Criminals.

Watch the performance

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