16 April 2002
Movie Review: 'The Shipping News'
The island of Newfoundland off the coast of Canada is cold, wet and so battered by the wind that the locals have to tie the houses down so they don't blow away. But the writer E. Annie Proulx liked the place so much she decided to set a novel there - the Pulitzer Prize-winning 'The Shipping News'. The inevitable film is now with us, starring Kevin Spacey, Julianne Moore, Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett.

Panellists Catherine Ann Cullen, Barbara Jordan and Susan McKay discuss the film adaptation of 'The Shipping News'

Michael Collins' 'The Resurrectionists'
Born in Limerick but now living in Seattle, Michael Collins writes novels and short stories set in small town America - including 'The Life And Times Of A Teaboy' and 'The Feminists Go Swimming'. His latest novel is 'The Resurrectionists'.

The panel discuss 'The Resurrectionists'

Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy's 'Women In Arms'
The stories and characters of the Ulster cycle - Fergus, Nessa, Conchuir, Deirdre and Meabh - have that kind of familiarity that can sometimes breed indifference. Although writer and director Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy actually comes from Derry, it was actually in Kerry that she discovered the tales of Cúchulainn's exploits - a discovery that led her first to what's left of Ard Mhacha, and then to write a play entitled 'Women In Arms'.

The panel discuss 'Women In Arms'

The Harlem Gospel Choir
Formed in 1988, the Harlem Gospel Choir have stomped and clapped their way through gospel and more all over the world.

Watch a live studio performance by The Harlem Gospel Choir

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