09 April 2002
The Book: The Impressionist by Hari Kunzru
Son of an Indian father and an English mother, Hari Kunzru was born in 1969 and grew up on the London/Essex border. In 1998 he began work on a novel and last year he received one of the biggest advances in publishing history: a total of over £1.25m for UK, American and European rights to 'The Impressionist'. The book is a satirical romp through race and the raj.

Róisín Boyd, Catherine Dunne and Michael McCaughan discuss 'The Impressionist'

The Exhibition: Oliver Comerford's 'Get Here'
'Get Here' is the title of Oliver Comerford's new exhibition at the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery in Dublin. Born in Dublin, Comerford's paintings are based on his own photographs of landscapes, with eerie traces of human life.

The panel discuss the exhibition

The Film: Y Tu Mamá También
Mexico's economic disaster in 1994 virtually destroyed what was a thriving film industry there. Now a revival has begun, sealed by the success of 'Amores Perros'. 'Y Tu Mamá También' looks set to follow in its footsteps with sex, drugs and mariachi...

The panel discuss 'Y Tu Mamá También'

The Performance: Scenes from a Watercooler
Gúna Nua Theatre Company offer their own take on office politics with 'Scenes from a Watercooler', at Andrews Lane Theatre in Dublin at 8.00pm nightly until 20 April.

Watch Gerry McCann as Adam and Darren McHugh as Colm in a scene from the play

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