02 April 2002
The Book: Love in a Dark Time
In 1993 the novelist Colm Tóibín was asked by the London Review of Books if he'd be willing to write an article for the magazine about his homosexuality. And, without any hesitation whatsoever, he said no. But the editors then took another tack: they began to send him books about or by gay writers, for review, and some of them he found too much too interesting to resist. Now, those articles have been collected together in the book 'Love in a Dark Time: Gay Lives from Wilde to Almodóvar'.

Belinda McKeon, Peter Murphy and Karim Rehmani review 'Love in a Dark Time'

The Film: 24 Hour Party People
This week we discuss Michael Winterbottom's '24 Hour Party People' a film chronicling the rise of legendary Manchester label Factory Records and the man who helped co-found it, Tony Wilson.

Belinda McKeon, Peter Murphy and Karim Rehmani review '24 Hour Party People'

The Exhibition: Ann Hamilton at IMMA
The American artist Ann Hamilton makes videos, takes photographs and sometimes combines them with all sorts of other materials to create what she calls environments - strange and gently disorienting places to be.

Belinda McKeon, Peter Murphy and Karim Rehmani discuss Ann Hamilton's work and exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art

The Performance: The Vagina Monologues
The American playwright and feminist activist Eve Ensler was inspired to write The Vagina Monologues after being shocked by a friend's description of her body. The show has been all over the planet and audiences in Dublin will have a chance to judge for themselves next Sunday night, April 7, in a benefit performance at the Gaiety. Tonight in studio Ivana Bacik and Marion O'Dwyer perform an excerpt.

Watch the performance

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