26 March 2002
Film: Cool and Crazy
If you were to go to Norway and then continue to travel as far north as you could go, you'd end up in the small fishing village of Berlevåg. 'Cool and Crazy' documents the lives of the members of the town's male voice choir.

Séamus Cassidy, Thomas McLaughlin and Jennifer Walshe talk about 'Cool and Crazy'

Book: The Ledge
Blánaid McKinney's first collection of stories, 'Big Mouth' received great praise from a number of different quarters. She has returned with a novel, 'The Ledge, which is set in the weird world of television.

The panel review 'The Ledge'

Exhibition: Eileen Gray
The designer and architect Eileen Gray was born in County Wexford in 1878 and lived to the great age of ninety-eight, for the most part in France. She began by designing lacquer furniture, moved on to interior design and then to architecture. Last Thursday the National Museum launched an exhibition of her work.

The panel discuss the Eileen Gray Exhibition

Film: Ali G in Da House
Ali G is really Sacha Baron Cohen - a white, Jewish, Cambridge graduate pretending to be a white, working-class youth who in turn is pretending to be a black sexist gangsta rapper from the wrong side of LA. But the question remains; is this tale of Ali's progress through the labyrinth of Westminster politics funny?

The panel talk about 'Ali G in Da House'

Performance: Benjamin Dwyer
Guitarist, composer and new music promoter Benjamin Dwyer will be appearing this weekend at the contemporary music festival in Sligo which runs at the Model Arts and Niland Gallery from Friday through to Sunday. Dwyer will be playing both solo and with the VOX21 ensemble, founded by himself.

Benjamin Dwyer plays 'African Print', one of his own Twelve Etudes

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