19 March 2002
Book: In The Forest
Edna O'Brien's first six novels were banned in Ireland but that didn't stop her from going on to write fifteen more as well as five collections of short stories, several plays and screenplays. Her new novel 'In the Forest' is based on events which took place in County Clare in 1994 - the murders of a young woman, her small son and a local priest.

Eileen Battersby, Lelia Doolan and Norah Norton review 'In the Forest'

Exhibition: ev+a 2002
Last Friday saw the opening of ev+a in Limerick. This twenty-sixth city-wide exhibition of visual art is an extravaganza of sculpture, photography, video, installation and performance in galleries, on billboards and even in shop windows.

The panel discuss ev+a

Theatre: A Delicate Balance
Dublin's Focus Theatre was founded in 1963 and moved into its premises on Pembroke Place in 1967. Deirdre O'Connell, the founder of Dublin's Focus Theatre and the Stanislavski Studio on which it was based, passed away in June of last year. There was every chance that what had been her life's work might pass along with her but the actor training continues in the Studio every weekend and the first new production since Deirdre's death opened last Wednesday. Edward Albee's 'A Delicate Balance' is a black comedy of dysfunctional family life.

The panel talk about 'A Delicate Balance'

Performance: Enda Wyley
Enda Wyley was born in Dublin where she works as a teacher and a writer. She has published two collections of poetry 'Eating Baby Jesus' and 'Socrates in the Garden'.

Enda Wyley reads the title poem from her forthcoming collection, 'Diary of a Fat Man'

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