26 February 2002
Film: The Son's Room
Up to now the films of writer and director Nanni Moretti have dealt with serious subjects - politics, terminal illness - with a light touch. His new movie, 'The Son's Room' marks a shift in tone for the man who has been called the Italian Woody Allen.

Lenny Abrahamson, Sarah Durcan and Aedín Gormley discuss 'The Son's Room'

Visual Art: The Rowan Collection
Dr Ian Rowan bought his first painting when he was about fourteen and he kept on buying, eventually acquiring works by many of the major names - Yeats, le Brocquy, Paul Henry. About five years ago he became interested in and bought the works of many of the trailblazing young British artists such as Sarah Lucas, Tracy Emin and Damien Hirst as well as Irish artists including Felim Egan, Seán Scully and Paul Seawright. The Rowan Collection is currently showing in IMMA, Royal Hospital, Kilmainham.

The panel talk about the Rowan Collection

Visual Art: How Things Turn Out
Opening this week at the Irish Museum of Modern Art is an exhibition of young and exclusively Irish artists. 'How Things Turn Out' sets out to focus on nine artists who would be considered to be on the cutting edge of painting, sculpture, performance, photography and video.

The panel review 'How Things Turn Out'

Film: A Beautiful Mind
The Oscar-nominated film 'A Beautiful Mind' comes to us already adorned with a predictable collection of Golden Globe and Bafta awards. It stars Russell Crowe as mathematician John Forbes Nash who triumphs over schizophrenia to win the Nobel Prize.

The panel discuss 'A Beautiful Mind'

Performance: Rodrigo y Gabriella
Mexican-born duo guitar Rodrigo y Gabriella began playing together in 1994 in a heavy metal band. Somewhere along the way, they swapped the electric for acoustic but the energy is still there, with flashes of Latin jazz, rock and funk. Their new album - 'FOC' - is out now.

Rodrigo y Gabriella play live in studio

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