19 February 2002
The Film: Ali
Mohammed Ali, boxer and cultural icon, never sold himself short which, for a young black man in the sixties - even one who dominated his sport - took moral as well as physical courage. Will Smith stars in Michael Mann's 'Ali'.

Barry Devlin, Brian Lavery and Ger Philpott discuss 'Ali'

The Book: The Beautiful Changes
Molly McCloskey was born in Philadelphia but now lives in Dublin. Her first collection of short stories, 'Solomon's Seal' was greeted as "a deft and thoughtful first collection" by the Irish Times. Her new book, 'The Beautiful Changes' includes a novella of the same name and four short stories.

The panel review 'The Beautiful Changes'

On TV: Fergus's Wedding
Last year a small time ex-con with bad hair called Rats wandered on to our screens and into the heart of the nation. 'Paths to Freedom' was, many people agreed, the best and funniest Irish production by far to appear in the RTE schedule. Now the people who brought you 'Paths to Freedom' have returned with 'Fergus's Wedding'.

The panel discuss 'Fergus's Wedding'

The Performance: Kevin Doherty
Kevin Doherty is from Buncrana in County Donegal. Formerly of Four Men and a Dog, he has teamed up with guitarist Henry McCullough for his second solo album 'Sweetwater'. From that album he sings 'Slow Song'.

Watch the performance

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