15 January 2002
On TV: No Tears
Brenda Fricker stars in 'No Tears', a new 4-part television series about the Irish Hepatitis C scandal, the first episode of which was screened on RTE 1 last night.

Alison O'Connor, Liam Mackey and Eamon Sweeney discuss the new television series

Film Review: Black Hawk Down
Ridley Scott makes victory out of defeat in his new war movie 'Black Hawk Down', starring Ewan McGregor, Tom Sizemore, Josh Hartnett and Sam Shepard.

The panel discuss Black Hawk Down

On TV: Commando
A series called 'Commando' began tonight on Channel 4. It looks at the British version of Black Hawk Down's Rangers, or Delta Force.

The panel discuss Commando

The Journal: The Dublin Review
State funerals, changing your life with e-mail and Tantum Ergo at the Abbey Theatre, all from the Dublin Review number five.

The panel discuss the winter edition of The Dublin Review

The Performance: Patrick Carton
Patrick Carton is a performance poet and storyteller whose debut CD 'Now You're Talking' is released on 14 February 2002 on Secret Records.

Watch the performance

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