04 December 2001
Film reviews: 'Bandits' and 'Storytelling'
This week we look at Barry Levinson's new film 'Bandits', starring Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton and Cate Blanchett. We also look at the latest offering from controversial American director Todd Solondz, 'Storytelling'.

Panel: Ivana Bacik, Natasha Fennell and Eoghan Harris discuss 'Bandits'

Book review: 'Daddy's Girl'
When Marian O'Neill's first novel, 'Miss Harrie Elliot', was published the Irish Times said that: "Irish fiction has gained a distinctive new voice." The Irish Independent said that: "So assured is the author's prose, it seems impossible she has not been writing for a lifetime." Now comes the difficult second novel.

The panel discusses 'Daddy's Girl'

Visual art: Tom Hunter at the Green on Red Gallery
Tom Hunter has been squatting in and around Hackney in Northeast London for years and his photographs document the lives of his friends and fellow-squatters. In his first exhibition in Ireland, his large-scale cibachrome portraits draw on classical images ranging from Vermeer to pre-Raphaelites such as Holman Hunt, Rossetti and Millais. Hunter has exhibited in the recent Neurotic Realism show at the Saatchi Gallery, London, and at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The panel discusses Tom Hunter's photographs

The Performance: 'Dog'.
Barabbas was launched in 1994, dedicated to creating innovative and exciting work, which has been acclaimed at home and abroad. 'Dog', the third production of The Barabbas Festival, is written and directed by Raymond Keane. It is described as a lyrically visual exploration of the parallels between modern physics and eastern mysticism.

Watch the performance

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