02 October 2001
Film Review: 'Amélie'
If you're so minded, you can still see Baz Luhrmann's vision of 19th century Montmartre in 'Moulin Rouge' at a cinema near you. But now there's more Montmartre in 'Amélie', Pierre Jeunet's film at about an innocent abroad in present day but still fairytale Paris.

Panellists Karen Fricker, Sonya Lennon and Donald Clarke discuss 'Amélie'

TV review: 'Bachelors Walk' and 'The Cassidys'
The search for love is universal. Even lads do it, even Irish lads, even Dublin lads. RTE's new drama, 'Bachelors Walk' has just hit our TV screens. Also, new sitcom 'The Cassidys'.

The panel discusses 'Bachelors Walk' and 'The Cassidys'

Roddy Doyle's 'Guess Who's Coming For The Dinner'
Nobody could dispute the fact that our most successful writer of comedy of the past 15 years or so was Roddy Doyle. And, of course, his novels, films and plays have always had a very serious side too. His new play, 'Guess Who's Coming For The Dinner' is no exception.

The panel discusses 'Guess Who's Coming For The Dinner'

Crouching Tigers at the Cirque Surreal
Theatre Festival time also seems to have become circus time in Dublin over the past few years. Fossett's Circus has touched down in Booterstown and further into town, in the RDS showgrounds at Ballbsbridge, the Cirque Surréal offers to melt your heart twice-daily until October 21st. It's a modern circus, fine acrobats, trapeze artists, jugglers, some great clowning and no animals. But like all circuses, it borrows from whatever's happening around it. And in the case of our performance tonight, the nod is towards Ang Lee's recent movie, 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'.

Watch a performance extract from the Cirque Surreal

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