25 September 2001
Doris Lessing's 'The Sweetest Dream'
Her first novel 'The Grass Is Singing' appeared in 1950, and since then Doris Lessing has produced twenty-something novels, not to mention an avalanche of poetry and plays, as well as an autobiography. Her new novel is called 'The Sweetest Dream'.

Panellists Gemma Hussey, Susan McKay and Brian Maguire discuss 'The Sweetest Dream'

'H3' is a new film written by former republican prisoners Lawrence McKeown and Brian Campbell that takes us back twenty years to the days of the H Block hunger strikes.

The panel discuss 'H3'

'Family, Friends and Neighbours'
Oistín McBride's book of photographs, 'Family, Friends and Neighbours', which captures events in republican Northern Ireland, has just been published.

The panel discuss 'Family, Friends and Neighbours'

Extract from Beckett's 'Molloy'
At the Civic in Tallaght, as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival, Gare St Lazare Players are presenting Conor Lovett in an adaptation of Samuel Beckett's trilogy of novels - 'Molloy', 'Malone Dies' and 'The Unnamable'. In tonight's extract, Molloy, cycling along, distracted by thought, fails to pay due care and attention to the road in front of him.

Conor Lovett performs an extract from Samuel Beckett's 'Molloy'

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