29 May 2001
Film Review: 'Pearl Harbor'
It's December 1941 and all is quiet on the Hawaiian front. Little do the Americans know that the Japanese are on the way and that a massive bombing campaign is about to devastate the Pacific fleet and bring the United States firmly into the second World War. And now this year's blockbuster is that very story with plenty of square-jawed pilots, computer generated battle scenes and much comic book dialogue. 'Pearl Harbor' is a tale of love, death, beautiful nurses and sinking ships.

Panellists David Norris, Karen Fricker and Medb Ruane discuss 'Pearl Harbor'

Francis Bacon commemorated
Francis Bacon is widely regarded as one of the major painters of the 20th century. The Bacon Retrospective last year at the Municipal Gallery in Dublin was a huge event and now that same Gallery has installed the glorious clutter that was his London studio on permanent exhibition. To coincide with that exhibition, there is a separate show of photographs, a book and a television documentary that was screened last Saturday on Network 2. It's Bacon-fest once more as Ireland honours one of its most famous sons.

The panel discuss the latest profiles of Francis Bacon

Book Review: 'Yeats Is Dead'
'Yeats Is Dead' is the title of a new book edited by Joseph O'Connor, which brings together in relay the talents of a very mixed bag of Irish writers. The book is a thriller which begins with a chapter by Roddy Doyle and ends with a section by Frank McCourt. In between there is everyone from Gerry Stembridge, Pauline McLynn and Tom Humphries.

The panel discuss 'Yeats Is Dead'

Rebecca Horn exhibition at IMA
Internationally renowned German artist Rebecca Horn works in the media of performance, sculpture and film. For her current show at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, she has selected 15 works ranging from mechanised sculptures to installations and painting machines. Horn's work deals with the big issues of sexuality and emotional vulnerability, but despite all the technology, has she managed to capture the ghost in the machine?

The panel discuss Rebecca Horn's latest exhibition

Rex Levitates Dancers live in studio
Well summer is definitely upon us and all around the country it's festival time. The next month sees cultural shindigs of one type or another happen from Kilkenny to Listowel, from Cork to Castlebar. In Dublin one of the many festivals is the Diversions programme of free outdoor events, which takes place in Temple Bar and on studio. Tonight in studio we have dancers from Rex Levitates with an extract from Over the Rainbow which they will perform as part of Diversions in the window of the Gallery of Photography at the end of June.

Rex Levitates dancers perform live in studio

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