22 May 2001
Film Review: 'Amores Perros'
'Amores Perros' is the debut feature of Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Translating roughly as 'Love's A Bitch', it's the tale of illegal dogfighting in Mexico City. Although the subject of considerable debate about the level of violence it contains, it's also the story of Mexico City - over-populated and ready to burst.

Panellists Eamon Sweeney, Mary O'Sullivan and Gerry Godley discuss 'Amores Perros'

Pop Video: Art or Promotional device?
MTV has been called the only successful 24-hour arts show, at least by those makers of pop videos who see their work as art first, promotional devices second. Often at the cutting edge of new video techniques, it's the place to watch for all that's imaginative and fresh. This week, Radiohead and Air hit the screens with their latest offerings. But how good are their videos and just how much does video art really figure in the bear pit of pop commerce?

The panel discuss the concept of pop video art

The 2001 Glen Dimplex Art Awards
The Glen Dimplex Awards are the biggest Art awards in Ireland. The winner will be announced on Friday and all the work is currently waiting in hope at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Kilmainham. The shortlist includes New York video artist Matthew Barney, British photo artist Richard Billingham, Irish painter Elizabeth McGill and Glasgow-born, Belfast-based Susan Phillips.

The panel discuss the 2001 Glen Dimplex Awards

Bob Dylan turns 60
Bob Dylan is 60 on Thursday and his many apostles feel that he's even better than ever. Certainly his last album 'Time Out Of Mind' is up there with the very best of his work and that never-ending world tour still goes on and on. As the genuine voice of the 60s, it does seem hard to imagine that Dylan is now 60 himself.

The panel discuss Bob Dylan

David Kitt performs in studio
We leave you with our own tribute to birthday boy Bob Dylan. David Kitt is one of our own finest new songwriting talents and his album 'The Big Romance' is just out on Blanco Y Negro. Tonight, David Kitt performs Dylan's 'Girl From The North Country'.

Listen to David Kitt live in studio

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