15 May 2001
Film Review - 'Tigerland'
With 'Pearl Harbor' the movie due at the end of the month, an advanced party of GIs have just arrived on our screens in 'Tigerland'. Directed by Joel Schumacher and starring Colin Farrell, the film begins in 1971 in a bootcamp in Louisiana. Panellists Daire O'Brien, Noeline Kavanagh and Gerard Stembridge watched the film.

The panel discuss 'Tigerland'

Book Review - 'How To Be Good'
Nick Hornby is an Arsenal supporter and an author best known for his novels 'Fever Pitch' and 'High Fidelity'. He is a writer renowned for his male characters as they struggle with modern life and popular culture. His new book, 'How To Be Good', is a little different. This time the central character is a woman.

The panel discuss 'How To Be Good'

Video Review: 'Are You Watching Manchester?'
The football video 'Are You Watching Manchester?' is a fan video celebrating the fact that this season Liverpool beat Manchester Utd. twice for the first time since 1979. Released before last weekend's FA cup final, and obviously before tomorrow's UEFA cup final, it seems like an odd package. But football is certainly not what it used to be.

The panel discuss 'Are You Watching Manchester?'

Album Review: 'Reveal' by R.E.M.
And so to 'Reveal', the new album from R.E.M., much of it dreamed up in the very un-rock n' roll surroundings of Dalkey. R.E.M. are one of those few bands who make any sort of challenge on U2's supremacy on the global scene, and any new R.E.M. album is greeted with much frenzy and much anticipated success. Produced by Pat McCarthy, the new album is said to reveal the boys from Athens, Georgia at the very peak of their powers.

The panel discuss 'Reveal'

Susana Baca performs live in studio
We leave you with one of the biggest stars on the world music scene. Susana Baca is from Peru, and this week she performs in Vicar Street in Dublin as part of Note Productions ongoing ESB Jazz series.

Susana Baca performs live in studio

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