17 April 2001
Rod Lurie's 'The Contender'
'The Contender', directed by Rod Lurie and starring Joan Allen and Jeff Bridges opens in cinemas on Friday. Panellists Paddy Woodworth, Emily O'Reilly and Jocelyn Clarke discuss the film.

The panel discuss 'The Contender'

16th Dublin Film Festival
The Dublin Film Festival was at one time the best opportunity to see the foreign movies you might otherwise miss. But now with places like the IFC and the Screen cinema showing those slightly left-of-centre films, what now for the Dublin Film Festival?

The panel discuss the Dublin Film Festival

'Made in China' at The Peacock
The success of 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' has brought the martial arts fans out of the woodwork. 'Made in China', a play written by Mark O'Rowe and directed by Gerry Stembridge is currently on in Dublin's Peacock Theatre.

The panel discuss 'Made in China'

Alice Maher's 'A History of Tears'
Alice Maher is one of our most celebrated artists. Since her first exhibitions in the 1980s she has shown around the world and most recently in New York. Her latest Dublin exhibition is her first solo show in Ireland for two years.

The panel discuss Alice Maher's 'A History of Tears'

Dance Theatre of Ireland
If you still think contemporary dance is all about pretending to be a tree, you might be interested in some international choreography currently touring the country with the Dance Theatre of Ireland.

Watch an extract from 'Sarah's Question of Distance'

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