20 March 2001
If you thought it was tough getting around Dublin, try crossing the Mexican border with a quarter tonne of cocaine in your boot - even harder when Michael Douglas is on your tail. 'Traffic' is a new movie directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Panel: John Boland, Anne Enright, Honor Heffernan discuss 'Traffic'

A Drink With Shane McGowan
There has never been much doubt about the unique talent of Shane McGowan. Since The Pogues first appeared in the 1980s he has written more than his share of extraordinary songs. The emphasis soon shifted to McGowan's apparent super-human constitution when it came to drink and drugs. His girlfriend Victoria Mary Clarke has written a book about their time together. 'A Drink With Shane McGowan' is basically a series of taped conversations with the man himself.

The panel discuss 'A Drink With Shane McGowan'

No More Shall We Part - Nick Cave
Another musician who has battled the odd demon or two, Australian Nick Cave is highly valued for his dark songs of love and lust. His last album, 'The Boatman's Call', is regarded as a bit of a classic. His new album, 'No More Shall we Part', offers yet more melancholy.

The panel discuss 'No More Shall we Part'

Hide that Can
'Hide that Can' is an exhibition of photographs by Deirdre O'Callaghan at the Gallery of Photography in Dublin. These are pictures of Irish men down and out in London, living in a Camden hostel where half the residents are in fact Irish. They drink their way through their almost suspended lives and take the smallest of comforts in the smallest of things.

The panel discuss 'Hide that Can'

Performance: Vona Groarke
Vona Groarke, who appears in Dun Laoghaire County Hall's 'Poetry Now' festival this week reads from her Gallery Press publication 'Other People's Houses'.

Watch the performance

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