13 March 2001
An Everlasting Piece
We begin with the story of two Northern Ireland wig sellers, one Catholic, one Protestant and their adventures in the rug trade. 'An Everlasting Piece' is the latest film from Barry Levinson, director of 'Rain Man' and 'Good Morning Vietnam'.

Panel: Teerth Chungh, Steven King and Fiach MacConghail discuss the film

Focus on St Patrick's Day
This weekend should have been a celebration of our national holiday but thanks to foot-and-mouth, the celebrations will be for the diaspora only. But now that we have the opportunity to stand back, we can ask if all the St Patrick's Day celebrations still stand up?

The panel discuss St Patrick's Day celebrations

The evolution of Guinness
When the Guinness Hopstore opened a few months ago, everybody seemed eager to be associated with the black stuff. But when adverts for our sainted drink now feature sweaty couples getting turned on by erotic shellfish, we can see that the image of stout, like the country has changed rather a lot since those innocent thirsty days of 'Uncle Arthur'.

The panel discuss the evolution of Guinness

An Aran Keening
This week we look at 'An Aran Keening' by Andrew Andrew McNeillie. It begins on Aran in 1968 and 30 years on and still keening, the author remembers what is was like in the Sixties.

The panel discuss the book

Vantage Point at IMMA
'Vantage Point' is a new exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Kilmainham. It features the work of six artists of some international repute. From paint to polystrene from photographs to puppets, all angles are covered.

The panel discuss the exhibition

'Beowulf' tours nationwide
'Beowulf' has been the curse of students for generations, but thanks to Seamus Heaney, the story has been rejuvenated in some style. A theatrical production of 'Beowulf', adapted by Felix Nobis is currently on route to Belfast, Cork, Wexford and Dingle after its run this week in Dublin.

Felix Nobis performs from 'Beowulf'

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