06 February 2001
Almost Famous
Cameron Crowe's latest cinema offering brings together his love for 70s rock and his own early days as a rock journalist.

Panel: Philip King, Allanah Gallagher and Gavin Friday, discuss Almost Famous

The death of the music mag?
Millions of words are churned out daily about pop stars and their products, but with the Internet now outstriping the print outlets where should any self-respecting music fan now go for the news?

Report on music magazines v the Internet

This audience-grabbing ITV docu-soap focuses on the manufacturing of a 'Steps' style pop band that included an Irish hopeful.

The panel discuss Popstars

Sex and the City
This series broadcast on Channel 4 and TV 3 has won critical acclaim and a series of Emmys and Golden Globes - it specialises in women who are seriously searching for the perfect man.

The panel discuss Sex and the City

4 Blondes
With this latest slice of Manhattan life, Sex and the City author Candice Bushnell follows four women as they get to grips with life in the single lane.

The panel discuss Candice Bushnell's new novel

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