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The Unemployables

The Unemployables

The Unemployables

The Unemployables is an RTE 2 series led by Darren Kennedy and Jennifer Maguire. Each week they take two unemployed young people under their wings and over a period of time make them employable!

Darren Kennedy understands hard work. He got his first job when he was 13, washing cars and pumping petrol to pay for his French lessons, which in turn got him a place in French college.

Going from college to work in Paris, and then from Google to television - Darren has grafted for the last 25 years, knowing that nothing is ever going to land on his lap.

Jennifer Maguire has been an apprentice - more than once. She never went to college, instead got her first job at the age of 18, on 100% commission. By 22, she was running the head office of that UK company, overseeing thirty people.

These two young professionals have grabbed every rung of their career ladder with both hands and have fought their way to the top.

Darren and Jennifer both believe in the power of focus, determination and making things happen. Every experience workwise is invaluable. Once you start - you've no idea what doors will open for you.

At the moment, there are 355,600 people on the live register. 48,524 of these are under 25. In a recent survey in the UK, findings showed that 40 per cent of young people have faced symptoms of mental illness, including self-loathing and panic attacks, as a result of being out of work. [The Telegraph, January 2nd 2014].

Each episode, Darren and Jennifer are matched with two young unemployed people. Darren and Jennifer call in favours from their friends/colleagues as they do everything in their power to get their person a job. Our unemployed people are put through a month of challenging and engaging tasks all designed to get them a job. They are given style makeovers, tutored on confidence building and trained in everything from CV building to communication skills. Experts and mentors from a host of industries will be drafted in to offer practical advice and give a motivational push when needed.

This is an expert driven transformation show, with honest young men and women who genuinely need help with unemployment.



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